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Beginning To Rethink the Idea of 2 Stroke Oil as a Fuel Additive

Since I completed the swap of a 617 diesel into my 107, I've been running 2-stroke engine oil as a strategy for replacing the lubricity that has been lost since the advent of ULSD fuel. Since the injector pumps of 617 diesels were designed for the "high" sulfur diesel available at the time with the diesel fuel providing the lubrication of the injector pump internals, it seems prudent to at least restore the lubricity of fuel to the previous levels.

Two stroke engine oil seems like a good candidate for this function as it is designed to be added directly to fuel for the purpose of lubricating the engine. It is also low-ash and designed to be burned along with fuel.

In the over 30k miles I've put on the engine I've seen no ill effects and the engine runs just fine, so I conclude that the 2-stroke oil is doing the job I intended it to do.

Recently I switched to a product from what I believe to be a reputable company, which is specially designed to replace the lost lubricity in a potentially better way.

This product is advertised to be run in a ratio where 1 qt treats 250 gallons or 1 oz for every 8 gallons. With 2-stroke oil I was running 1 oz per gallon (or 8 oz per 8 gallons).... so about 8 times as much. The wording on the bottle says treats "up to 250 gallons", so to be safe I've been running an easily remembered 2 oz for every 10 gallons (or 160 gallons per quart) A typical fillup is 15 gallons, so it's an easy 3 oz before filling.

Since making the switch I've noticed two positive things
  • My car no longer blows huge plumes of black smoke under hard acceleration above 3300 rpm
  • I no longer have a bluish oily residue building up on the rear of the car
The other thing I'm liking about the product is for long trips, there is very little additive to carry along, compared to gallons of 2-stroke oil. Plus it's clear, not heavily dyed like the 2-stroke oil. And it costs about $11 per quart.

Obviously things like bio-diesel would be potentially better options to use as a lubricity additive, but we have almost no biodiesel available in this area.

I've only run two tanks thus far, so experience is limited.

Anyway, I'm not promoting this product, rather just sharing some recent experience, my current thinking and looking for other ideas that people are using to address the fuel challenges with our vehicles.
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