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With 2-stroke oil I was running 1 oz per gallon
MMO which is primarily Napthalene is a 'thin' additive that atomizes better and burns in less time. Recommended mix ratio with fuel is 4 ozs to 10 gallons, or 320:1. Two stroke oil is a higher viscosity additive with components that require more heat to ignite and more time to burn. Using a ratio of 128:1 it's no surprise you're seeing black smoke and unburnt oil. Try reducing the quantity of oil. Compare the apparent viscosity of the new additive to two stroke oil to guesstimate where you want the adjusted 2 stroke ratio to be. The new additive recommended ratio is 1024:1 and you're running it at 640:1 with seemingly good results. I'd use those as upper and lower boundaries. I'll bet 2 ozs/fillup would work quite well.
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