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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
Over on a 6.5 GM forum there is apparently a long thread with comparative tests of various lubricity additives. I haven't waded thru it myself but I'm pretty sure the conclusion was that there's nothing better than 2 cycle oil. I use it in my 6.5 but don't use it in my TD.
Here's a link to a post that has the study I believe you're referring to - Lubricity Additive Study Results Note: I was looking for a primary source document, and it appears that this is actually it. If I find an actual link to the study, I'll repost that.

Well, if that's correct, and I have no reason to doubt the methodology or the results, it looks like I've inadvertently made matters worse not better.

16)FPPF Lubricity Plus Fuel Power
HFRR 675, 39 microns worse than baseline fuel (emphasis added)
1000:1 ratio
Looks like I'll be going back to 2-stroke oil

7)Super Tech Outboard 2-cycle TC-W3 engine oil
HFRR 474, 162 micron improvement
200:1 ratio
And adjusting the dosage from 100:1 to 200:1 as the test used will be more economical and make it possible to do my next coast to coast road trip on one gallon of two stroke oil (used 185 gallons San Diego to Wilmington and back)

Thanks for all the ideas and information.
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