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Originally Posted by sixto View Post
Did you remove the upper guide? Loosen the injector lines, hold the crank steady and very slowly turn the IP CCW until there's no slack between the IP sprocket and crank.

87 300D
Nope - I was installing the upper guide when I lost all of my slack. When I was putting my head back together (replaced my #14 head) - I looked in there and saw that the upper guide was going to be tough to put in - so I assumed the best time to install it was when I had the sprocket off. As I was sliding the upper guide down into the head, something tripped and away went my slack. Right now both the upper and lower guide rail pins are fully installed. Am I supposed to put the upper guide in after I install the cam sprocket? Also - none of the injector lines are connected (the injectors are not installed either).

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