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I tried carrying B20 in the back of the truck as it is listed near the top in the study. That was right around the time I lost the Ram's VP. I bought and installed a new VP and it went out within 100 mi. It was exchanged under warranty. The rebuilder called almost immediately saying that I had gas in my fuel ant the gas was the reason the VP had gone out. I has only been to 2 stations and neither would admit that there could ever be a problem with the wrong fuel dumped into a tank. There is no real way to be safe - just keep an extra $1,000. It works better than a tool box.
85SD 240K & stopped counting painted, putting bac together. 84SD 180,000. Probably up for sale in the fall 2020 still have it. 85TD beginning to repair to DD status. Waiting on shop to do minor but more than I can do rust.
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