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Originally Posted by rhodes2010 View Post
Deisel911 - you answered the question precisely.

I am passing on info I read on this Forum.

That Vacuum pump check valve screwed into the pump was all cleaned out hollow.

If the parts are lodged in the yellow area of the diagram, should I be
taking off the vacuum pump cover, removing that small piece there
to get these loose parts cleared out ?

(I presume that the small part in behind the cover is also another
one way valve which the pump uses to create vacuum ).

Are the small parts that came out of the metal screwed in check valve
a threat to the pump and its operation ?
I can only say that I have not read of loose Check Valve Parts damaging the Vacuum Pump.

As you said there is a Valve at the end of the empty space.
If you look in the Thread that Stretch posted I believe He has some pics of the Valves that are inside.

The Check Valve parts would have to break up into smaller parts in order to pass through the Valve.

However, it might be possible for some of the parts to block off the part of the Valve.
I don't know if that would cause any issue with that particular Valve or not.

If you decided to remove the Front Cover and pull the Valve and get the parts out (there is also an O-ring I think). when I took Mine apart I snapped off 3 of the little Cover Screws as they were corroded in.

I took out the rest of the screws by using Heat, Penetrating Oil, and a old style Manual Impact Wrench (the type you hit with a Hammer).
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