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Finding no lubricant present in those boots was important as well. I still believe finding a set on a wreck that appear to be original with the boots still in decent shape. That's if starting from the time of original difficulty.

Relubing them as well then installing is perhaps the best way to go. .Even rebooting original axles that are not constantly clunking. Otherwise to be sure it is going to be expensive. Off of gas cars may even be better as there is a chance of lower overall accumulated milage. New oem axles are just a little too pricy but are the optimum solution. That's if they are still manufactured by the original high quality suppliers.

This reversing of sides is also important when using used replacement or having current axles rebooted so mark them.

I also think grease with a good shot of heavy oil is superior to grease alone. Some of that depends on how the grease acts with time. That unfortunately is an unknown.

My issue with grease alone is from examination of failed front cv joints. I felt some of them failed because the grease hardened up and was displaced leaving the joints to run basically dry until failure occurred.
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