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finally have the car back, and its time to get this thread updated as a few more people have tanks.

This post will deal exclusively with mounting one of these tanks in a 123 chassis sedan. Things will not be identical for other chassis or other applications, but the basic process for setting up the rails should be the same.

First I made a cardboard template of the shape of the bottom of the tank, and I cut two sections of perforated C-channel to 16 inches long.

with the tank upside down, it looks like this-

then I placed the template in my cleared out trunk-

On a 123, it turns out to be really convenient to line up the brackets. The driver side lines up perfectly with the body feature shown here-

and the passenger side lines up perfectly with the edge of the spare tire well-

I removed the tank and marked all the hole positions I could potentially use-

NOTE- super important lesson I made a mistake on, DO NOT bolt the rail down at the very end of the rail. If you do that, you can't get the strap hardware into the rail.

driver side pic, notice the shaded area above shows where any hole will come down into a closed frame member instead of through the floor-

passenger side as well-

Next to really get a clean install, you should drop the exhaust and remove the heat shield. It doesn't have to come down too far, just enough to grab the bolts-

On the passenger side, the holes come right down into a protected area and can be easily accessed. I made mine right next to each other, but I could have spaced it a little more

Once everything is buttoned down, the rails look like this in the trunk-

The hardware slides in the rails like so-

The tank will sit nicely on both rails. Even though the passenger rail is suspended partway over the spare tie well, the tire is easy to remove and install, and it seems nice and strong. I wouldn't using anything other than grade 5 or 8 bolts with lock washers to attach these rails. (I used grade 5).

I have been told that screws should not be used to hold down the rails, remember this thing is going to weigh as much as a person, a screw into sheet metal will have the thing flying around with ease in any accident.

Next step is cutting a hole for fuel supply and return, and getting the plate finished and tank permanently installed
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