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Originally Posted by DeliveryValve View Post
I've installed cardone axles 2 times before and the ride has always been good. But the problem with both installs is the boots always started surface cracking after year two and the cans were loose at the seems in that the grease was slinging from it. Cardone uses grease, never oil.

If the cans are tight, than an Astoria reboot is good option, if not, than new cans would be needed. Which means the axle joints would need to be pressed out.

It does look like some wettness around the cans, have to investigate further later on, but it certainly wasn't what id call dry. Could be from the blown shocks though, or from the diff seal

Ive researched where ive got them via former threads

these are both axles new-

Top one I bought from parts geek, bottom one I bought from rock auto. Both came in AC Cardone reman boxes, but notice the difference in how the boots look. They seem to have undergone dramatic different reman processes, even down to using a different boot souce, and painting vs no paint.

and installed, looks like I put the rock auto no warranty discount on the passenger side with the shiny boots, and its the one ripped-

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