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SLS line leak + confusion

Hey All,

My 300td wagon had no hydraulic fluid when I purchased it. It looked like the low pressure hose from the bottom of the reservoir to the pump had been leaking so I replaced that. Filled it up, and turned the key. Luckily the pump seems to be undamaged from being run dry.

But when I looked under the car I saw a stream of fluid. I had noticed wetness back there but thought it was the differential or something. Instead it seems to be one of the three hard lines running to the leveling valve. For some reason one is much rustier than the others and apparently corroded through.

It's the leftmost one in this photo (taken looking toward the back of the car, on the passenger side). It starts as the lowest one on the valve, and ends here. What the heck is this line that just runs to nowhere!?

Thanks in advance,
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