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Originally Posted by cmbdiesel View Post
Anyone here buy a Nissens radiator from PeachParts?
My 83 SD has a leaky radiator, and the Nissens is 1/2 the cost of the Behr...
No reviews yet though.

Normally I like to replace components with OE parts, but the vehicle is old, it's getting a little rusty, and a couple hundred bucks less for a radiator is kind of attractive.
But... I want to do the job once.
Absolutly NOT!!!! I just got done buying and putting one in my W210 and it leaked from the bottom at the drain, it was very slow but made my temp gauge behave badly...I found they are notorious for that! The following weekend I bought a BEHR which was OE and have fabulous results since then.

That's what I get trying to save $70....
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