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Woops. Its defifnitely hydraulic. I got my lines crossed in my haste during my lunch hour.

So, I think the leak is from the RIGHTMOST line in the photo from the previous post. Tracing that forward, it looks like it is the line the comes from the pump to the valve (B1 in the attached diagram). It could be C on the diagram though too. Hard to tell. There is also another line up there but I can't see where it goes too. Could it be to the strut? These tend to leak at the fitting on the strut correct? It is something high and above the differential area that is leaking.

Dumb question ahead, but: how the hell does one replace these lines? Do you have to buy them pre-bent? Can you wiggle them into place or do I have to take half the car apart to get them in. AHHHHH

Not easy to piece this puzzle together with a flashlight and a puddle of fluid to avoid. If I can stem the flow a little I can roll it up on blocks so its easier to work on....
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