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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
that short hose is ALWAYS grimey... I'd plan on pulling the entire housing off, and changing that short hose as well. I use 1-5/8" fuel tank hose... it's STRONG, and thick and the right size for the application.
I didn't receive my thermostat kit today (dealer screwed up) , but i prepared for the installation.

I drained rad using drain plug (came out easy and it is in good shape). Then I took off tsta housing and quite bit more AF came out. Was able to catch most of it.

I noticed that there was some pitting on the face of the part of housing that is still bolted to block. That and fact tstat seal is deformed were likely reasons for leaks.

I cleaned up the mating faces with wax & grease remover and the filled pitting with JBWeld. They are very small pits, but hopefully JB-Weld will stay in place.

In the location of one pit, the rubber seal was deformed. Almost like something was in between the rubber and the housing face. (pic below) Anyway, hope to get it all back together tomorrow and burp the baby.
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