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Diesel Fuel Additives

The can of worms is now open.

I have long been a proponent of ONLY fuel in the fuel tank, ONLY oil in the crankcase, ONLY coolant and water in the correct proportion in the cooling system, ONLY ATF/gear lube/whatever is required in the transmission etc. If you don't trust the additive package in your fluids, BUY HIGHER QUALITY FLUIDS. If you have a leak, FIX IT. Engine overhaul-in-a-can sounds too good to be true because it is.

This mantra has served me well through all my years of driving and wrenching, but this is my very first diesel and I'd like to pick the brains of those more experienced than I.

My best buddy drives semi truck in this area and says that the only thing they add to their fuel is antigel, and then only below 15 degrees. He wasn't sure what antigel it was exactly as his company buys it by the 55 gallon drum and the shop passes it out to drivers in generic unmarked 1gal jugs that they refill as needed.

Should I be adding biocide? How often?

Oregon has a B5 biodiesel mandate, which should take care of any of my lubricity concerns.

Obviously I should be using antigel below 15 degrees(infrequent in my area), which one is a good solid choice?

Should I carry Diesel911 for emergencies?

What else do I need to know?

Thanks all!
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