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Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
They are both reman axles. Quality of ride and noise has been excellent. If I hadn't been under there related to the shock, I would never have noticed they were an issue. Weirdly there does appear to be no oil or grease in either boot, its certainly not leaking out in a way I would expect.
In the First Year I got My Car I replaced the Axles with Cardone rebuilt Axles. The Boots lasted somewhere within 3-4 years and started cracking.

The Cardone Axles were rebuilt with Grease.
I one of the threads I believe some one said that they ask CVJ about the Oil Verses Grease issue and CVJ said they used Grease.

When I rebooted the Car Done Axles I left as much of the Original Grease inside as I could and added more and even some in the Boots.
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