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Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
cool thanks!

do you consider the astoria flexx universal boot to be better than the empi or other brands available listed on pelican? Its better rubber?
With the Boots that look like the stock Boots you cannot stretch them over the Cans like you can with the Astoria or the Dorman Boots.

To use the Stock Boots on the Axle with the Cans on each end (a Homokinetic Axle)you need to un-crimp one of the the Cans and use a Hydraulic Press to press one of the Spiders off.
When it goes back together you need to restore the Seal around the Can Seam and Crimp over that Seam.

If you have an Annular Axle (has Bolts going through a Housing on one end of the Axles) you can take apart the End with the Bolts and slide the stock type Boots on.

Even if you don't plan to do the job yourself you can look in the DIY and see how it is done.
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