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Originally Posted by Stugist View Post
Ordered and installed new Bosch glowplugs; reamed out the holes while I was at it and figured I'd do a compression test too. Got my lovely lady out to help me; she cranked the engine while I read the gauge. All 4 cylinders capped on about the 6th, 7th stroke at around 400 PSI, give or take a bit. Installed the new glowplugs with copper antiseize on the threads. The real test will be when she starts it tomorrow morning. The test was done with the engine warm, through the GP holes (obviously). I made sure to check each new gp before I installed them.

Oh, and the leaking? Fuel. From the IP where the hardline to injector #1 is. Is there a seal underneath that hex or something?
Loosen the compression nut, move the line slightly (it should come straight up), re-tighten lightly and keep tweaking until it does not leak.

Be careful you don't (Gorilla) over tighten the fitting.

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