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Some additives fill a niche, some have a purpose, some provide placebo effect. Blanket rules are least effective imo although they do allow for the least complicated approach.

With that said, if you get Power Service in the white bottle you'll probably never need anything else. I recently watched a movie (The Hunter) filmed mostly in Oregon and was amazed at the tropical appearance of the background (Silver Falls State Park). Seems like a fairly mild climate. Most of the diesel you use will probably have a cloud point that's just below freezing (32 F) and a cold filter plug point around 5 deg F. Additives designed to affect the temperature at which wax crystals form can lower those temperatures significantly. PS claims petrodiesel cold filter pour point with their additive can be as low as -40deg F. Biodiesel is less affected by this product but at the 5% mandated level you see it's not likely to be an issue.

The Cummins bulletin I linked to in the 2 stroke oil thread contains info about identifying and treating bacteria in diesel. I had one episode with microbes that thrived because of moisture in the tank. They created acid (I believe it was hydrochloric) as a byproduct of digesting the diesel. The acid was destroying injection pumps in a van with a 6.5 diesel from the inside out. Expensive and time consuming to repair. I now instruct our drivers to buy fuel from the highest volume stations which are least likely to have large accumulations of moisture in tank and once every six months or so I treat the fuel in the diesel vans as insurance. Biocide is expensive so I would work to develop a treatment schedule that uses the minimum effective amount. If you use Veggie oil or start producing your own BD you'll likely want to use biocide more often. Power Service sells biocide as well.
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