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Do a search on'll find a lot. As for buying them, a used set will come up on ebay every once in a're gonna get them cheapest there. If you want new ones, try Pricey! As far as wiring, all you need to get is a plastic 6 pin connector plug (you have a 4 pin now). From what I hear you can get that at your dealer...couple bucks. You'll need to rearrange the wires within the plug and if you want the city light to work in conjunction with your current side marker, some very basic wire splicing needs to be done. If you want the vacuum aim to work, you'll have to do some pretty nifty work...many posts on this one too on here. And lastly, your US headlight wiper system will work with euros, but if you want the euro wipers (look much better), you'll have to buy new wiper motors (they turn the opposite direction) and the euro wiper arms. I don't know if you have to buy the bracket under the headlight and the fascia piece or not, since mine is already a euro car it already had the correct ones on...maybe someone else can help me out on that one. Bottom line, with just a basic installation with the things working in your car, not much of "laundry list" at all. Good luck!
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