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Question 560SEL won't steer straight - help please

My 1986 560SEL has 160,000 miles. Is in great shape but have a frustrating problem. It follows the crown of the road too easily and I am always fighting with the steering wheel to stay on the road. It will pull in either direction. On a flat road it does seem to run pretty stright. A real PIA.

It has brand new Michelins - V rated XGVA4+ - stock size. Have had the wheel alignment done twice. The steering otherwise feels tight and responsive, not sloppy.

About a year ago the MB dealer said it needed a front end re-build before they could do an alignment. Anyone I asked said MB was nuts - everything looked good. Now I am thinking MB was right!

Thanks in advance for any insight!

PS - the new Michelins are a huge improvement from the Pirelli P3000s. Like a new car.
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