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Being low on blood sugar, I forgot to than Jake...

Jake, than you so very much for the invitation!

Originally Posted by Simpler=Better View Post
Sleeping in the wagon should be fine-just park somewhere half decent.

If you swing through Baltimore give me a shout

NYC isn't bad just: Don't be polite, don't hesitate, and don't block the box. I've taken a motorcycle through the city no problem.
Well, my issue is knowing if half decent...

Thank you so very much for the invitation! Yes, it was going to be just another city to pass through... However, I don't mind stopping.

Why should I be rude? What do you mean by the other two?

Originally Posted by GregMN View Post
If you are going to be in Riviere-de-Loup, you must continue NE along to coast (route 132) to get to Kouchibouguac. Do not cut across land and miss one of the most scenic coast drives.

St. Lawrence Seaway, Bay of Fundy, Niagara Falls
Hey, you read my post and figured out what I was trying to decide on! Woot! Thank you so very much!

Decision make, I will take the 132.

Thank you for the link, as that is a major help! Too bad there isn't a map, as I am a visual and tactile person... Once I read it, can I ask questions?
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