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Originally Posted by Simpler=Better View Post
I meant in traffic-if you stop and wave people out in front of you they will go, and the car behind them will start going too and block you out.

For the hesitation-if you need to move over a lane and there's a spot juuust big enough for the wagon go for. They close the caps in traffic pretty quick.

Blocking the box...well there's a special circle for those people
Oh! Very good point, as drive Portland style and have gotten honked for it (at lest that is what my Sister said). So, when I leave New Canaan, I will remember no letting anyone in.

Scares the heck out of me I will hit someone by being assertive, but have done it here. Good to know it must be done.

What the heck is the "box"? Is it like the knights who say ni?

Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
My eye sight is terrible lol I didn't see that in the post. No problem, by the way.
I-95 South would take you about 30 minutes to get to my place from the city.
Oh... Sorry.

Fine, that sounds about right, as Joosippee is hour out of the big city.

Know of a good place to get a Philly cheese stake sandwich? I discovered them back at the Sady Eggo community college cafeteria and while in Philly, why not get a proper one?

Originally Posted by MS Fowler View Post
In my experience, Boston drivers are far worse than anywhere else, including Manhattan. If you must drive, show no mercy, or even courtesy. It will be interpreted as weakness. Leave not even a car length in front of you or two cars will squeeze into it.

Better--take a tour bus in Boston and park, errrr --Cape Breton sounds nice.

Walking in Antigonish, maybe 20 years ago, was the first place I ever saw traffic come to a complete halt if I even looked like I wanted to cross the street. The pedestrian really did have the right of way.
So are you saying I will have to learn to cope with tail gating? It really bugs me here, to the point I was so tired and warn out a while back, I just stopped on the freeway. I used to be MUCH worse, but my journey of being more pacifist helps.

Well, I want to see in the city proper is the U.S.S. Constitution. I don't need to go to all the tourist traps, just the top five to ten in the Northeast.

Cape Breton was top five for Nova Scotia, so figure I have to go! Looks like I better just plan on Canada being a week... Though, I would then have to decide if I should leave the event a day early, as my pasport expires on 30 June?

Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
Philly is the easiest of them all. All you hear down here is people whining about Philly traffic blah blah and I say ever done Boston?
See! Once out of New England, driving will be a challenge for me until apparently Philly. So, might be good and learn new skills and mature. That is part of the reason for the trip: I am in a new part of my live. I will have been in the Master's of Architecture for a year and can have time to think and process.
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