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Answer my own question...

Thought I would post this reply to my note so others that are searching for this info in the future will find it.
Got under the Coupe today and changed the lens on the fog lamp. It was in awful shape.... looks like it took a pretty big rock dead on... shattered in a number of pieces.
Access was pretty easy once I removed the foremost plastic shield directly behind the bumper. It has two access panels in it for getting to the fog lights, but they're only good for changing the bulb (an H3/55W).
To get the whole light out, remove the shield, and you'll find the light housing is held to the bumper with three small screws (8mm heads). Once the screws are out, unplug the light from the harness and you're free. Unsnap the old lens, and snap on the new one. An easy job except for fussing with the large piece of plastic...
If you do this, you may want to consider replacing both lens... although my other lens wasn't broken, it was pitted from 75K of driving... the new, clear lens makes the other, older one look shabby.
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