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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Oh is that what it is! The Volvo is black and the only baths he has had is rain, which means once I roll him out, enough gets on him to make mud splotches! I wouldn't say drastic, but will be more aware.

I bet after a week in Canada I will be plenty dirty! Just seems when I go on any trip there is no way to keep clean.

Jake, thank you so very much! Shanks it is then!

Man! This is getting better and better! I now think I will make even more changes to make this happen! See, if I had gone in my youth, I would have missed out on SO much! I don't think Vater be one to do this, but he taught me well how to be a penny pincher! Now I have gone even further! Think he would have skipped Canada and I don't plan on telling my family as think they come up with some good reasons how I will die.
No problem! I will have my E300 up and running then and I'll come down in that and show you the 606. So are you bringing the 300TD up with ya?
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