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Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
I know I got another car too I gotta get on the road to sell it's just rotting at a friends shop and I'll drive that till the E300 is done. So much to do, so little time! Speaking of chiropractors, I was heavy lifting a 600LB log outside from a tree from Hurricane Sandy for firewood that'll last me months and what do you know my shoulders and blades hurt so bad I can't sit.
And I have to get the Volvo sold, but can't do that until I get the Volkswagen out here and drivable! Anyone got a straw?

Any of the three can do wonders! I am so tense I have had to forget about chiropractic, but my neck needs help and that isn't where I am tight. The sooner you get checked out, the better! If you slipped something, only takes a week to start fusing and then only gets worse!

Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
I was thinking of getting a wagon soon after selling a car or two for my dogs. #3 will be on the way! A second Nova Scotia Duck Toller I think.
Jake, I tried not having a wagen, but as you know, one dog hardly fits in the back seat and trips become a pain for both. It was so bad I just dumped the sedan and was glad to get anything for it!

Shhhh... Don't let Ember hear you! She then will want to to come and have a romp! Darn Goldens are too friendly!
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