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Thanks for the replies. I forgot to say in my original post, the hoses were not leaking the cooler was. I just figured it was a good time to get the rubber hoses replaced while getting the cooler fixed, that way everything was done all at the same time and hopefully good to go for awhile.

But seeing how it is not as simple as I originally thought, I may just put it all back together and save up my money to buy a replacement set. I wish I could find a set for $200, I would order them right now. The cheapest I have found on the net is $460 for my set.

I will have to pony up $280 for a cooler if the radiator shop can't fix it, that would bring the total to $740 for the whole job.

Now I understand why I have seen people bypass the cooler by cutting the hoses and connecting them back together in a loop.

If this car wasn't in such good condition I may consider it myself, or at least until I can save some $$$ toward new parts.

I do like the stainless steel braided hose idea, but I have no idea where to start ordering what fittings, sizes, adapters, etc. If I was familiar with that kind of stuff I'm sure it would work fine.
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