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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Jake, what kind? Notice your fleet, and see you are all over the years and engines. Even a Porsche, which I would never own.

Sounds like a content dog. Ember has too much energy to just sit for a half hour. She is truly my copilot as I learned when I saw her head watch the vets office go by and then went in the way back and sulked! [chuckle]

Only time Ember ever barked was when another dog was trying and trying to get her attention by barking and told her she needed to to have a look.

So two Retrievers and a what?

Duck Tollers then are a friendly retriever? Labs can be, but doesn't seem to be a given, though only met a few and one was super aggressive.
I'd probably go for an 87 300TD. I gotta update my signature a lot of my cars are gone. When I moved out of my old house I lost a LOT of space. I got a few sitting around, the Porsche was fun but it's gone. Right now it's the 84 300D sitting right now in a junkyard (just for storage), C230 sitting at a friends shop and the E300. I've been kinda gaining stamina back to get back to what I was doing before for about 3 years now. So I plan on getting another duck toller and I have a hound mix right now. The duck tollers are excellent dogs. Very friendly, but standoffish at first a bit.
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