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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
What do you mean by what I will do? When my egg donor asks to take care of one of her animals, I will say no! If Ember brings home hoe a boyfriend, we will find him a home like last time. Don't have much bread, so that keeps the spending down...

The best way I think to help the pain be get a nice '87 TD.

Keep, hope you are, as like to keep her stock! Though I do have a nicer camshaft, but that was when I was younger and stupid... Don't want to share now, as the last ones were long ago and in poor shape.
Oh, I was just joking when I said "what are you gonna do" about how you were kidding about how the conversation about how it went to dogs and cars. That 87TD sounds nice right about now. But right now, I got the E300 and one day I wanna run that baby on WVO.
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