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1995 E300D Monovalve Problem

I need to hear from all on this list or their friends whose '95 E300 diesel or very late production (~May 1993) 300D2.5 had a cracked/leaky monovalve (001 830 40 84). I need the VIN of the car that had the problem.

Having replaced my leaky monovalve three times with no success, today (11-07-2013) I met with the service manager and zone rep for Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa (California). Nice meeting, both were professional and understanding, agreeing that there must have been something wrong with the plastic when the monovalve/pump for the '95 E300 was made. Both agreed that telling customers to buy a $20 "radiator repair" kit at Cheapie Joe's Auto Parts was not an option. (That's what I finally did to fix my leak.)

"What to do" was the big question. They finally decided that the service manager would file a "PTSS Report" (PTSS = Product Technical Support System) with Mercedes-Benz of North America for forwarding to Germany. I was told that such a report cannot be ignored, that a response is required. Two caveats: (1) it might take "some time" and (2) if I can come up with a list of others who have had this problem, showing that it isn't a me-only problem, the PTSS stands a much better chance of getting action.

If you or anyone you know has had this problem with this monovalve, please let me know ASAP. If you don't want to post the VIN, please send me a PM or email.

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