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Alright, so I have a bunch of information on my other thread titled "300d 4 speed manual conversion" Basically, I did a valve adjustment during the conversion and now, my car starts up really rough, and it smokes white ALOT. It smells like it runs rich or something and it randomly misfires, no matter if the car is warm or not. I changed all of the glowplugs, but the one on #1 cyl was broken so I used one of my old ones. Now the glow plug light doesnt light up unless I turn the key 3 times. I did a compression test and all cylinders seem to have ok compression, all are above 300 except #5 is just under 300. I replaced the heat shield washers under the fuel injectors, hoping this would solve my problem. I also pulled the valve cover off again, thinking maybe I adjusted the valves wrong or something, but everything seems to be fine. I'm 16 and I dont know what to do anymore. Please help! Thanks. -David
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