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Originally Posted by MrUkrainian View Post
I'm pretty sure I did not confuse the two. I used dieselgiants diagram and the specs he has on his maintenance page. If it is necessary, I'll pull off the valve cover a 3rd time. I just need to fix this car already.
As I recall he did the demo on his page on a non-turbo, which has different settings (though he does list the correct numbers for a turbodiesel). You used the right settings?

Please check your work again. The first time I did it I used his diagram, I got confused on two cylinders... but I wasn't sure of myself, first time doing it, so I went back and checked before I buttoned it up.

You didn't answer my last question: did you at any time turn the motor counter-clockwise, in other words to the left?

Your car sounds like it isn't inhaling and exhaling properly. There are only two ways that could happen, through mixing up the valve settings or the motor being out of time.

I am not an expert in this stuff but I HAVE put a motor out of time, a straight six gas engine, and it sounded not unlike yours.

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