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W124 Power steering box and stuff :( My car is broken now :(

Well here we go again. Last night I got home, exited the freeway, power steering acting up: I lost all PS fluid. I drove home real quick and stopped driving.

I had a ps leak back in july when i got the car. Took it to indie shop, he fixed it for big $$, then 2-3 months ago, same thing again. I Took it back to him, he fixed it for free.

Now again. ARgh. HE said it was sometihng like the lower O ring or something. MBZ said it's the power steering box, and that u shouldn't attemp to fix it , but rather change it. When I asked them how much to replacce, they told me $1500. yea I think not.

So anyone knowledgable in this matter to direct me to what do do?

2003 E55 AMG
2007 FJ Cruiser
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