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Originally Posted by Jooseppi Luna View Post
Well, traffic into Boston is nonexistent on Sunday morning, so you should be able to get in fine. Your best bet for parking would probably be Charles Street, which is shown on the first map linked to below. If there isn't on-street parking, you can park in the garage there (entrance and exit on the right); Park Street sells discount parking tickets ($6) to attendees, so that shouldn't kill you. Parking on Charles, you can walk to the church through the Boston Common, which is actually quite a nice walk.

We attend the 8:30 service, but that may make for an early get-up for you. You could also get there at 10 and join us for the church breakfast before the 11, which at least I would attend with you. Or, you could just attend the 11.

In terms of seeing the Constitution, I have never been there, so some combination of us may join you for that. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't even know where it is (!). Driving in Boston is a pain, but you thankfully won't have to wade through too too much of it.

I've attached maps and/or provided descriptions of the routes I would take from place to place (the first one starts on 93 in Boston right before you get off). There is a Wal-Mart about ten minutes from us in Tewksbury -- Wal-Mart #2222.

Map #1 -- As is blatantly obvious, 93 is really the only way to come down from Lancaster, and it is a nice road too. This shows where you would go to park when you get into Boston. "B" to "C" shows how to circle around if you miss it the first time . i WOULD JUST HEAD TO cHARLES sT. THE WAY gOOGLE mAPS HAS YOU GO. tHEY'VE GOT IT DOWN NICELY. < Sorry for the caps -- my cat turned it on and I was too lazy to turn it off once I first saw it.

Map #2 -- The best way to RI would be to take 93 South (the Southeast Expressway) to 95. If you're meeting up at John's, he's RIGHT over the border on 95.

Map #3 -- Coming back up from RI, I would take 95 all the way to Rt. 3 N where it turns into a real highway this is shown on the map. I'm PMing you our home address as well as the address of a Wal-Mart nearby.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something... oh well.
Jooseppi, thank you so very much!

Man! I like the way this is turning out!
I do not mind walking, and think someone else be glad for it. Though her time on campus has caused her to "forget" some of her training...

That is nice there is options, for then it isn't like a big stress to try and hurry to make a time. Usually on trips I do sunrise to sunset, which is normally how I also sleep, but not since July...

If you all were up to it, Google says about a 45 minute walk from the Commons to the U.S.S. Constitution. I can beleive you haven't been there, as the obvious is usually what the locals don't go to. I was a teenager before I went to the real mission in Sandy Eggo!

Good to know I93 will not be a horrible drive. I would figure on it being fairly quiet being a Sunday in a Christian area.

Cat is reminding me Ember will have to stay in the wagen, as his/her domain!

Is John JB3? That is the one I have the invitation from. Not sure what is happening with that.

I saw there was a Walmart, but figure better to over plan than under plan especially when it comes to lodging!
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