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Originally Posted by MrUkrainian View Post
Yes, I checked the clearance in the right area. And what I meant by broke, was when I put in that glow plug, the upper part unbolted and a bunch of white powder fell out. I wasnt sure what that was, so I installed an old one, but I thought maybe it was the one that was failing, so I changed it out with a could of more, but it still starts the same. I have a feeling that glowplugs are definatly a problem, but its not the problem of the white smoke and misfire randomly. The white smoke doesnt stop, no matter how long the car is running. I have a 300SD with the 617 and it starts up rough because of glowplugs, but one it warms up, it runs really smooth and doesnt misfire. Here is a video of the startup. 300d w123 rough start - YouTube
The heater end of the Glow Plugs is filled with Ceramic powder to support the heating Wire coils.

You did not mention how you turned the Engine. If the Engine was turned backwards it claimed is possible to jump a tooth on the Timing Chain. I did not catch what Engine or Vehicle you have but the non-turbo 617 and 616 Engines do not have the ratchet inside of the Timing Chain Tensioner and it is easier for them to jump a tooth.

Try lining up the Camshaft Timing Marks with the Bearing Tower timing mark and see what degrees the Pointer points at.

And, while the Valve Cover is off recheck your Valve adjustments.

When I had clouds of white smoke it was when I installed and managed to time My Volvo Fuel Injection Pump extremely late.
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