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Originally Posted by jmbeam View Post
I live in Upstate NY so there are very few cdi's for sale. I really appreciate the information about the brakes and the engines. Just as a devils advocate should the 05/06 brakes fail would I be able to pick up a used SBC brake parts.
Im looking to spending around 15K on an 05/06, seen them for sale from $700o with 265K on it to $21K with 25K on it. I thought that this car would be much solider and safer than a 2012 NIssan Altima or Toyota Camry. Any opinions on this?
You might see if you can learn about which parts on the SBC system break, and how much they cost at the MB dealers' pricing. Next, I'd spend some time researching the availability of salvage SBC systems around the country. In short, get real familiar with the SBC replacement option costs, be they new or used parts. Since you've already decided how much out-of-pocket you want to go on a used 05/06, scour the Internet on finding one that fits your price. Pretty easy to do. That's exactly how I found mine a few months ago. A 2012 4-cylinder Camry would be an excellent choice that would likely beat the CDI over time, dollar per dollar out of pocket in total costs per mile.

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