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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Well Zacharias, Google isn't always right, thus why I am trying to get you alls help, for which I am grateful for. So thank you so very much!

I saw it is in the top five for Nova Scotia, so think so. Or, is there a way to trim it down? How about the other Canadian parts?

If walking take less time, then I do that.
The Cabot Trail will interest you if you like rugged empty scenery, then more rugged scenery, then more.... There are some stunning vistas. But I can only oooh and aaaah at stuff like that for so long, and four or five hours is more than so long.

There is no way to make time on the Cabot Trail, it is two-lane highway cut into rugged terrain. From memory there are some passing lanes on grades but not a lot. Like I said, it has been a long time since I drove over it. I am not sure if you can do just part of it or not, I suspect so.

Many people love it. Personally I can take it or leave it. If I were visiting Nova Scotia for the first time I would take in some of the more scenic small towns and ditch the Cabot Trail.

If you are used to long-distance travel in the US, you should be forewarned that you'll overall find much fewer services in Canada in comparison. Bear in mind when you enter Canada you are in a country larger in land mass than the continental US, with less than 1/10 the population (we are about 34 million up here). Get ready for lots of stretches of highway with... nothing.

I assume you know you need a valid passport to cross the US/Canada border. Also you should consider purchasing Blue Cross or similar. Canada's universal health care system does not extend to foreign nationals, unless you have insurance coverage you will be handed a bill for any medical service you need to use, same as in the US. (I am not sure if US health plans automatically cover you for Canada or not.)

Make sure you have the car's title and proof of insurance with you as well. Best if the title is in your name (not just signed/assigned).

Sorry but I don't travel the other routes you mention to I cannot give an opinion on them.

Sorry (again) if this is stating the obvious, but if I were you, if I were not already a member of AAA I would join now. I have used their Tiptychs (Triptiks?) before (through the Canadian auto club) and the route information they provide is first class, including up to date construction and bypass info. And of course the emergency road service is a hell of a good idea. Remember what I said about long stretches of nothing .

Having been led myself on a one-hour free-for-all in NY State by Google, I wouldn't trust their accuracy as gospel except for straight freeway shots, and even then.... I would run the info through as well, as a minimum.

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