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Originally Posted by Graham View Post
I was looking at an 07 ML350 CDI today. About 70k miles on it. C$24k.

Have a 2014 GLK250 0n order, but they have an AdBlue error problem that MB don't seem to be able to solve! And then there are those runflats with no spare!

The $25k difference would go a long way toward maintaining the E350.
Just a dumb question, but are you sure it was badged ML350 vs ML320?

That's a fare price these days, I paid the same for mine about a year ago, it's been a great ride, but a real pain far as the few repairs. The EGR valve and the MAF went out recently to the tune of $800US just in parts.

Tough call, I like the smaller ride and nimbleness of the GLK, and the updated interior.

[ML320] The OM642 is no fun AT ALL to work on, it's like a ball of rubber bands all wrapped together that you need to dig through to get to anything. Not fun.
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