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Originally Posted by Dr. Sternschnuppe View Post
But 662 545 30 32 isn't relay for OM602 engine...
It is... it came from a Ssangyong Musso, which comes with a turbocharged 2.9L om602. Which is the same engine I installed in my w140. hehe

Sixto... I wired a switch to supply a positive signal to PIN1.

But the thing is... as soon as I let go of the switch, the relay de-energizes. So I have to press the switch for the duration of the cycle. (by feel )

I did not use the temp sensor wire as I do not think I have the wiring for that.

I watched a youtube vid which demonstrates the relay function, lights and simulated starting procedure wiring and all. I can't get my relay to function as intended. Anyway... as long as I can trigger the glow plugs I'm good. In fact I feel having manual control of the plugs is a plus.

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