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next step, finishing the tank top. This post will deal with completing the top part of the fuel tank to prepare it to be installed-

Here is my steel top plate cut out, and a hole drilled for fuel sender, and two holes for bulkhead fittings.

NOTE- I did all this with a regular hand drill, hole saw, drill bits, and an angle grinder to cut out the plate. No special tools beyond these basic ones required

Here are the fittings for the plate, I have two brass bulkhead fittings, and I grabbed two huge fender washers and bored them out a little to fit, so I had a large gasket surface.

Im also using an ISSPRO brand fuel sender. looks just like MB stock. Its a 12 inch fuel sender, the model number is RA9512-ISS.
These are available off of egauges .com
link- RA9512-ISS: Fuel Level Senders: Tube Type Senders (240-33 Ohms) - ISSPRO -

NOTE- I was unable to find a single piece standpipe in copper or brass or even steel for my chosen pipe thread of 1/4 NPT bulkhead fittings. I didn't check plastic, could be its available. If I had gone up in size to 3/8ths NPT, I could have done the pickup as one piece. In the pics I had to use a union halfway down the pickup. Hopefully should not be an issue as I sealed it pretty well, but still, would be nice as one piece

Everything installed in the painted top plate-

NOTE- I couldnt use the ISSPRO hardware to screw down the fuel sender, as I drilled through holes, instead of tapping. I just swapped for some long machine screws instead.

Moving over to the tank, I bought a roll of 1/4 inch rubber round O-ring cord stock from mcmaster carr a while ago, and made an O-ring (plus some others ive been shipping out). Basically its cut to fit, and superglue together.

However, I realized its really really hard to get the O-ring which wants to be a big circle to sit in the rectangular groove on the tank. The tank I bought several years ago, everything was already assembled, so the O-ring was already kind of a rectangle. I taped it down first, but then used spots of superglue to hold it in place which worked well!

Here is the tank top bolted down and the feed pipes installed. (im using 3/8ths supply hose, and 5/16ths return)

NOTE- before threading in the bolts, (which are 1/4-20 thread pitch), take a pick and clean out the aluminum inserts on the top plate. I noticed some have plastic that got in the threads, but its easy to pick out.

Another NOTE- I used 1/4-20 x 3/4 socket head cap screws that came with the original plate, and they are too long for this steel plate. Using 8th inch steel, it should really be 1/4-20 x 1/2 instead. I spaced mine out with extra washers to make it work, and keep them from bottoming out.

Next on the original tank there was weather stripping on all the strap locations, so i duplicated that top and bottom-

This post brought to you by Carl's Jr.
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