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Valve installation and line routing (123 chassis sedan specific)-

Earlier I had bought a 6 port 12 volt actuated valve off amazon. (part number above). Ive never seen one of these before, and haven't run it yet for any time, so it remains untested, but looks decent enough. Hopefully this upcoming week i can get some testing in.

For hose routing, I decided to go through the enclosed square channel of the body on the passenger side. There was already a large factory hole here-

I drilled two holes above, and installed grommets

Next I fed my supply and return lines through the body and out the stock frame hole (no pic from below, but pics later when I get into plumbing)

For the valve mounting, I decided that sort of protected area on the passenger side right in front of the spare tire well would be a good place. Its reasonably close to the stock lines, and I would be able to build a protective plate fairly easily once the plumbing was finished.

Inside and outside-

More pics of this later when I T into the stock fuel system
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