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NOTE- The fill port looks like it will clear a normal style diesel pump fill under the rear deck, but I need to get pics of this and test it out to be sure.

Just tested it out, filling is not bad, pop the trunk and fill stock and aux tanks at the same time pretty easily.

One thing I would do different is pull further forward and run the hose in from the back of the trunk to not muss up my new paint. And keep some towels handy on overspill.

I mounted the rails right up against the stock trunk wall, if you were to space them out an inch or 2, filling would be that much easier for a 123. Not bad as it is though. I kept careful watch of the pump to avoid overfilling and getting diesel in the trunk carpet area.

Next step is attaching the aux setup to the stock lines, looking forward to my 450-500 added miles of range on this 240.

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