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+2 for the Passat. I looked at MB and BMW diesel options, and ended up buying a Jetta, because a Passat diesel just wasn't available in my area at the time I was ready to trade. I would of had to travel or have the dealer bring one in. They offered me an amazing deal on my trade if I took the Jetta because it was already on the lot and it was a year end close out.
I have been happy with it so, far. Almost 10k for miles covered, it is getting 42mpg everyday and have had 0 problems thus far.
I like the MB's and we have 2 older ones, but we just couldn't justify almost double the sticker price, of the nicely equipped Jetta. Sorry.
Maybe those with thicker pocketbooks can justify it.
My sister is looking at a Passat this weekend, although she isn't interested in the diesel option. Nice comfortable car.
If I had to do it al over again, I'm not sure I would buy the diesel at all. There are too many gas engines that do mid 30's for MPG and as someone previously said, with gas at $2.85 and diesel at $3.59 in my area, the gas car getting mid 30's MPG is actually probably cheaper to drive, plus more than likely cheaper to purchase.
I have been a diesel guy for over 20 years, but not sure they can really be justified anymore with higher fuel prices and all the emissions equipment the G has mandated. It really pains me to say that.
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