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Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
If you got a girl to drive a Mercedes 83 240D STICK-shift and not say "eww it's old and it stinks and sometimes smokes!" then you know you hit the jack pot and she's a keeper! but question, if she has knee problems what difference would it be switching from a 83 240D to an 84 300D? Just curious! Also, the vacuum modulator control how HARD it shifts. If they are smooth I'd think it's something else. The Bowden Cable controls how late it shifts. That's more where I'd look!
I knew that she's a keeper 35 years ago. I'm 6'2", and with my size 14's I can work the clutch without lifting my foot off the floor. The lady is only 5'5" and she barely reaches the pedal. It's the cumulative effect of constant shifting in city traffic that seems to be aggravating the problem.

I agree with the bowden cable principle, but my experience with these cars tells me that tweaking transmission inputs is futile unless the fuel and vacuum systems are functioning properly. What I perceive as slight late shifting may have more to do with sloppy accelerator linkage and weak fuel delivery. I'm just just going to verify vacuum and modulator pressure for now, and get some miles on the car.
'79 240D
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