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David, Read what whunter wrote. Great advice here. First stop. Take a breath. Relax, and feel confident that what ever it is you will get to the bottom of it.

You posted the Compression numbers in your other thread: (I've made new threads too, at times because it seemed, best to headline with the current issue) but if you do so, you need to provide details.

"#1 360 #2 350 #3 320 #4 310 and number five was about 295. The engine was cold when I did the test."

You've also mentioned a "wet" injector, is it also injector number 4? If it is wet, try to isolate where the leak is. Dry it, totally, use rubbing alcohol to totally dry the injector, line, line cap nuts, all of it. Other things will work to, but rubbing alcohol is cheap and always in most houses, is a good degreaser, and dries fast.

When it's totally dry, have a friend start (or try to start) the engine as you watch that injector, isolate where the fuel is coming from.

Pump timing is one thing to look at, but it's important to first address what's wrong, or what changed between when it was running OK, but not great to running really crappy. If the pump timing was knocked off, it would be important to know HOW that happened, and address that root cause.

Is it possible injector number 4 has 2 heat shields in it now? That one was stuck in the bore or stuck to the injector?
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