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Mom-mobile down (wrecked 300D)

I restored an 82 300D about a year ago for my mom with the help of TurboBenz. Last week she was driving the car in San Antonio, about to drive it to Shreveport, LA. She had finally got a transfer at her job and found a house. well before she could leave San Antonio someone T-boned her while she was drivng the 300D.

After the insurance shinanigans, the car is totaled, obviously, they offered her $7000 with the option to buy the car back for $2500. I live in CA where you can still get a pretty nice 123 for 2500, so I was appauled to think that out in TX they value the hunk that is now her car at that price. I told her to take the full 7000, and I'd look for another 300D for her.

Here is my pickel. In the pricess of restoring the car she got euro spec bumpers, headlights, and some aftermarket wheels I had laying around. I'm in CA with the cars original scrubby bundts, its DOT spec light. She is in LA with the insurance coming on the 12th or take the car. If i were closer I'd be swaping out those wheels and headlights, and going and finding some US spec bumpers for it.

Has anyone ever removed parts during an insurance buy-out situation like this?

My mom being in the process of moving doesn't have the ability to work on the car. Is there anyone in Shreveport area who could help her pull the parts, or maybe would want to buy them in trade for your US spec stuff. If its even possible to do this without offending the insurance company.

Anyone have any thoughts? I just hate seeing all of my hard work go to the junk yard.
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