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Seat belt buckle replacement question


My late 1983 300SD has RS type seat belts in it (my earlier-built 300SD has the older style seat belts). The driver's side buckle is broken at the top where the belt goes through the buckle and the buckle falls down to the bottom of the B-pillar. It is very annoying to have to fish for the dang buckle before I get on the highway. I have several replacement buckles but before I start disassembling the B-pillar, I would like to know how and if it is possible to replace just the buckle. The only reference I have is my 1990 300SE parts car but it has the retracting/exploding belt system and I am not sure if it is similar. The 300SD does not have boom-bags, so I doubt the belts are the same.

From what I have seen, the lower belt mount would be hard to thread through the buckle; even if you remove the bolt. Do I need to look at the retracting end of the belt???

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