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Originally Posted by eatont9999 View Post
Really? I didn't think it got that cold so soon over there. It was in the 40's here the other day and that was a bit nipply for us.

Without the correct coolant, dielectric corrosion will be a problem; most likely why you have that nastyness in your hoses. In my 7.3IDI Ford, I have to use a low-silicate antifreeze and add an anti-cavitation additive so I don't have to worry about water jacket cavitation eating into the cylinder walls. MB uses a specific coolant mostly for dielectric corrosion issues. Even in the petrol cars, the blocks can be cast iron but the heads and everything else is aluminum.
Eaton, thank you so very much for the reply!

It is in the mid fifties, so guess you would like that, especially when winter really hits! My Brother is in Axtell, so I know what extremes you all go through.

I am glad I am not thinking wrong!

Here is what I am going to use: > Products > Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze > > Zerex® Extended Life Antifreeze / Coolant Looks like what you could use.

It dawned on me I could use the corrosion to my advantage! So, the rust color went to the pipe and the white scale went to core. Bam, then I saw where it went!

B.T.W., I am using a dab of synthetic grease to hopefully protect the metal from further corrosion.

Ember however kept trying to get me to bed and is now sulking! [chuckle] She knows I shouldn't be working so very very late at night. But, couldn't resist trying...
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