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Originally Posted by OM617YOTA View Post
Should I be adding biocide? How often?
As needed.
Obviously I should be using antigel below 15 degrees(infrequent in my area)
Probably not needed, but if you feel more comfortable using it, then do.
which one is a good solid choice?
I suspect it doesn't matter much -- just pick a major brand. The bigger question might be whether you want a product that emulsifies the water, so it goes through the injection pump, or demulsifies the water, so it falls out and collects in the tank and filter.
Should I carry Diesel911 for emergencies?
I don't. I can't see how it would help, just carry extra of your normal antigel additive -- once the fuel in the lines and filter are gelled, no additive will help you, and before then, you can dose your normal additive as needed for the expected conditions.
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