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perfect...yeah, got the hexagonal thing attached to the manifold with the wire sticking out. apologies for my lack of good terminology! I'll take it off and clean it out before ordering a new one, in case it's just all sooty.

So...what was the consensus about the disco dome light effect, in fact? I think mine (during a full glow plug cycle, I wait until I hear the relay "thunk") does two blinks on the dome, then one blink on the seatbelt warning, then repeat until I actually engage the starter motor (after I hear the "thunk"). And it doesn't do it every single time...


1987 300TD Black/Palomino 120k on donor engine (thank you CS), 305k on everything else

MISSED 1985 300CD Blue/Palomino 250k lovely but had to part with it; now wife has Jetta TDI, you know how it goes
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