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Originally Posted by mach4 View Post
I wouldn't think the transmission mounts would be a huge problem for collapsing and failing as they carry such a relatively small amount of weight, unlike the motor mounts. If that's a concern however, they can be filled just like the motor mounts to prevent collapse.

Just be careful not to use a hard urethane, use a Shore A 30 hardness, otherwise you'll get a vibration at 1700-2000 rpm, at least if yours is like mine was before I swapped it out.

There is mitigating circumstances like the Seal on the Out Put Shaft leaking that shortening the Life of the Mount.

I have URO Motor Mounts and an Anchor Transmission Mount on My Car. I think all are still OK. But, I fixed the other things that were making My Engine Shake.
My Transmission Mount is saturated with ATF so I am keeping an eye on that.

Also any time I had gotten Oil or Fuel on the Motor Mounts I have sprayed them down with Purple Power and hosed them off with Water.

I have a new set of Lemfoerder Motor Mounts waiting for when the time comes to change the Motor Mounts.
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